The first software-defined overlay network that avoids congestion, errors and vulnerabilities on the Internet.

Build your own trusted Internet WANs in minutes.


  • The Internet is ubiquitous
  • The Internet is inexpensive
  • Before Dispersive, the Internet wasn't trusted


  • Build your own private WANs based on business policy
  • Optimize communications for each application and session
  • Use built-in security to resist MiTM and DDoS attacks


  • All IP devices
  • Anywhere there's Internet

Product Overview

Site-to-Site and Cloud-to-Cloud

Dispersive™ Edge is an agile alternative to MPLS private networks and Internet VPNs. It connects sites and clouds to each other. It also powers AppWAN, a new way to rapidly prototype and deploy business applications without network infrastructure.

Critical Infrastructure

Dispersive™ Critical Infrastructure Software-Defined Network delivers security, reliability and resiliency for critical infrastructure data communications over the Internet.


Dispersive™ Connect replaces VPNs on mobile devices. It provides a more secure and better quality of experience for your remote users.

Dispersive’s software is a key part of NetFoundry’s networking solutions which meet the needs of hyperconnected enterprises.

— Galeal Zino, Founder, NetFoundry
Dispersive’s proven technology is a unique way to provide the strong network security and optimized performance necessary for many of today’s enterprise IT and IoT applications built across the Internet.
— John Landau,Tata Communications, Senior Advisor, Corporate Strategy Group